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Occasional back pain is a normal part of life, but when pain is severe or persists, it can be absolutely debilitating. At Interventional Pain Center in Worthington and Newark, Ohio, Sachida Manocha, MD, offers numerous treatment options that can help relieve pain and restore proper function. Let today be the day you make your spine’s health a top priority, and book a visit with Dr. Manocha online or by phone.

Back Pain Q & A

Why is back pain so common?

Your spine consists of a series of bones called vertebrae and a complex network of muscles, ligaments, nerves, and other tissues. This structure enables you to stand, facilitates your flexibility, and also houses and protects your spinal cord.

Not only is your spine a complicated system of interconnected components, but it also undergoes near continuous movement and stress throughout each and every day. The question, then, is less about why back pain is so common, and more about why back pain isn’t even more common.

What are some common causes of back pain?

Back pain can have several causes, including:

  • Traumatic injury
  • Muscle tension
  • Improper lifting technique
  • Ruptured or bulging disc
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Curvature of the spine
  • Poor posture
  • Infections
  • Certain cancers
  • Shingles

As you can see, some of these causes are within your control, while others are not.

How is back pain diagnosed?

Dr. Manocha uses various tools to determine the source of your back pain. A thorough discussion of your health history and a comprehensive physical exam are the starting point.

Imaging from X-rays and ultrasound offer insight into the structure of your spine and can reveal abnormalities like a herniated or bulging disc. Tools like nerve blocks and facet joint injections can also help pinpoint the origin of your pain.  

You can assist the diagnostic procedure by describing your pain and the circumstances when it occurs. Explain the conditions that exacerbate your pain, as well as any self-care efforts that effectively lessen the pain.

How is back pain treated?

Once Dr. Manocha determines the source of your pain, he customizes a treatment plan. The strategy can be as simple as a course of antibiotics to control infection, or a multifaceted program of physical therapy, joint injections, and neuromodulation.

If your back pain occurs in the lower portion of your spine, a procedure called sacroiliac joint fusion might be a good treatment option. Your sacroiliac joint connects your spine to your pelvis, and dysfunction in this joint is believed to cause 15-30% of all lower back pain cases.

Sacroiliac joint fusion surgery permanently connects your hip bones to your sacrum. A bone graft facilitates fusion, and medical screws hold the bones in position.

If you’re ready to explore back pain treatment options, book an appointment with Dr. Manocha today. You can set up your visit online or by phone.